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It’s where we cut our teeth back in 1998 – and it remains the breeding ground for excellence: from the Events, the Technology AND the Production Teams. Every World Class event has the foundation of a great Live Event Production – after 22 years X Games remains the Gold Standard.



Fun facts

Since Day 1 X Games has staffed a talented, driven in-house Production Team in charge of making sure the stage is set for the World’s Best Action Sport’s Athletes.

In the weeks leading up to the events each Summer & Winter, Boombox integrates into the ESPN team – our shared goal: Educate and entertain the tens of thousands of onsite fans.

By incorporating all of the tools in the Live Event Arsenal (Announcers, Video Boards, Music, Graphics & Lighting) we make sure that the onsite spectators are Informed and Entertained – both Aurally and Visually.

In a World where events come and go – X Games biggest accomplishment (and by association - ours) might just be Longevity.

Every single event we learn something new – whether its a new piece of Broadcast tech, a fresh way to communicate to our audiences or a unique way of conveying info.

Constantly evolving, continually progressing – X Games defined a category of Sports and now 22 years deep, consistently reinvents and reinvigorates.

  • Boombox Head of Production TJ Walker was on the Vert Ramp when Tony Hawk landed the first 900.

  • Summer X Games has 2 distinct Live Event Crews, one for each main venue.

  • A typical X Games Live Event Team consists of: Producer, Host, Sports Specialist, Video Director, Field Producer, Video Playback Operator and DJ

  • Someone on the Boombox Team has been present for all of Bob Burnquist’s 14 Gold Medals in Skateboarding.




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