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The simplest victory for any Broadcast production is smooth tech. With COVID forcing the MtG World Finals towards a fully remote production, and with all Players and Broadcast talent at home, producing a clean show was even more satisfying.



Fun facts

Goal #1 for the World Finals was leveraging the latest in remote Production tech to cleanly integrate both Player communication AND feeds from multiple platforms into the Championship Broadcast. Goal # 2 was not skimping on the Production staffing, allowingeven more attention to detail and efficient use of everyone’s time and resources.

Pulling gameplay through discord simplified player onboarding and worked without a hitch. A centralized sub-switch with our tech partners at Ross also streamlined communication and created some budgetary efficiencies. One little trick up our sleeves was using color correction to give our casters a uniform appearance despite wildly-varying light conditions made for a more cohesive show.

Boombox HQ experienced a severe storm during broadcast BUT our power and internet redundancy investments paid dividends by allowing us to continue the show seamlessly without any interruption. Another secret to success was the strict Refresh protocol we adhered to: Keeping on top of the talent to make sure they refreshed their call-ins significantly reduced delays and technical hiccups.




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Fully remote broadcast

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