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With 4 stops, in the World’s premiere riding locations, in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, the little Mountain Bike festival that started life in Whistler back in 2005, has become a World Wide Action Sports Juggernaut.

World Class athletes in MTB’s top riding destinations mean Crankworx is pretty much the coolest/funnest/raddest event in the Mountain Bike Universe.



Fun facts

Just like the Riders push Athletic boundaries, our job as Broadcasters is to constantly evolve the on-screen product - delivering a Big League look on Action Sports Budgets.

The Crankworx World Tour has meant that narratives carry over from Event to Event with our storytelling focusing on 3 levels: Each Individual Event, the season long title race in in each Discipline and the quest for the King and Queen of Crankworx Titles.

Introduced a high quality, uniform Broadcast Look across 4 different Mountain Bike Disciplines and 4 Unique Stops. Think of it like a Production system – that doesn’t look like a pattern to the viewer: Informative On Screen Graphics, Consistent Camera Coverage and a Steady Announce Team are all part of the not-so-secret sauce.

Evolved the Events from simple grassroots webcast live events – into the tightly packaged, efficiently produced shows now streamed online and broadcast live in 23 countries on Linear.

Sourced and developed a Broadcast Talent pool that know the Sport and who balance professionalism with credibility

  • A minimum of 2 members of Team Boombox can backflip their bicycles (atleast into a foam pit)
  • The Slopestyle Event in Crankworx Whistler regularly draws 30,000 fans onsite, with hundreds of thousands more watching online.
  • We’ve been working with Crankworx for 13 years now (Holy Sh%T – has it been that long?!?!) and our average Production Team onsite numbers: 34
  • Boombox has a long-standing policy against mixing Riding kit. If you choose to wear non-matching gear, you do so at your own risk.




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