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Creativity can be random, but the Process towards seeing it on-screen should be organized and repeatable. That’s why we’ve spent the last 15 years refining a production system that combines Creativity & Technology with Budget & Personality.

We do best in

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Live Broadcasts

Nothing beats the immediacy and energy of Live Sports. We do lots of things. This is our favorite.

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Live Events

The Roar of the Crowd. Up close and personal with the action. This is our second favorite thing to do!

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TV Shows

In today's media world - no good content should ever be used just once. That means our TV shows are givers (and takers) to both live items on this list.

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Branded Content

We're better than average at this, and the fact that we're good looking AND fun to work with means we actually get to produce some pretty darn cool projects.

Our process

Intelligent, inspired projects reflective of the style, personality, and values of our clients.


The Idea Organizer


Building Creative Confidence


The Game Day Countdown


Making Awesome


The Happy Ending Maximizer

Think of it as a Brainstorming session crossed with a First Date

You tell us about your Inspiration, your goals and the proposed timelines and then together we explore:

  1. The Challenges
  2. The Opportunities
  3. The Strengths

By listening, brainstorming ideas and getting to know each other, at the end of this Stage both of us will identify right away if the Project is a fit, and where we go next.

This is the fun part

The back and forth between Steph Curry and Kevin Durant or the exchange of ideas between Dre and Jimmy Iovine are products of Teamwork plus Skill and Experience – This is what this stage is all about.

Here we confirm Stylistic and Technological options – and super importantly - reconcile Creative goals with Budgetary realities.

Our deliverables to you:
  1. Creative Briefs
  2. Preliminary Operating Budgets
  3. Confidence that you've got the RIGHT Team, going in the RIGHT direction

You may lean on us for all the Creative juice; other times it’s us making your ideas a reality, but this stage is where Imagination is focused into Actionable Plans.

Our tried and true Pre-Production systems, combined with 15 years of Experience, insure that your Project is Organized and On-schedule.

Key Elements in this part of the process include:
  1. World Wide Crewing
  2. Broadcast Technical Management
  3. Logistics
  4. Management of Contracts
  5. Creation of Deal Memos
  6. Work Visa Administration
  7. Status Updates (so you’re in the loop)

You’ve trusted us with your Project, so here is where we use 100% Organic, non-GMO, Gluten Free ingredients to make sure you’ve got a Winning Formula.

Go Time / On Time = SHOW TIME

Whether it’s a Live Broadcast or managing the Production Team on set – when all eyes are on the show – its not just WHAT you do, its also HOW you do it.

  1. Effective onsite/onset management of Production Teams
  2. Coordination with Production Partners to insure efficiency
  3. Execution of the Game-Plan

Delivering when it counts is a combination of experience, situational awareness AND properly managing the Production Team (all while ideally having a good time in the process)

Not THAT kind of happy ending.

With over 400 (and counting) projects under our belts, our Experience indicates that the most satisfactory endings are the kind where your creative goals are delivered on time and on budget.

This part of the process is where you take delivery of the final Product AND the knowledge to do it more efficiently and even more creatively next time!

Elements Include:
  1. Finalization of Deliverables
  2. Management of Project Clearances, Releases, Additional Waivers & Summaries
  3. After Action Report and Recap
  4. High Fives