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Red Bull Rampage

Rampage is the undeniable Super Bowl of the 2 Wheeled World. Every Fall Mountain Biking’s best riders make the pilgrimage to a wild stretch of Utah desert in an effort to re-set the boundaries of the impossible.

Over the past 12 editions Red Bull Rampage has produced more “Must See” AND “Oh Sh%T” moments than every other event combined.



Fun facts

Since our first Live 4-hour Broadcast in 2011, the remote venue, finicky weather, and high-risk nature of the Event have consistently made Rampage a Technological and Logistical challenge.

The Story-telling Techniques we integrate into the Live Show may have evolved significantly, but the Show’s Goals remain the same: Showcase the steepness and ruggedness of the terrain & the Athleticism and Skill of the Riders.

Athlete Story Telling: The Riders of Rampage are really only showcased once a year – meaning that the pressure is on us to convey their stories and quickly develop rooting interest in our audience.

The 4 hour duration of the event means that viewers cycle constantly. Updates and recaps are key and accomplishing this without becoming repetitive or monotonous is a skill we’re constantly honing.

  • It takes 2 and half days to rig the fiber optic camera cables and set-up the Flypack control Room.
  • The nature of the event means there is no rehearsal – the first time we see the rider’s on their lines is during the Broadcast.
  • In 2015 a flash flood washed out the access road to the Venue. That same year Cam Zink landed the world’s Biggest 360.
  • The Helicopter carrying the Cineflex Aerial camera has to refuel halfway through the 4 hour Broadcast


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Epic Moments


Extreme Working Environment

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