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Red Bull Rampage

Rampage is the undeniable SuperBowl of the 2 Wheeled World. Every Fall Mountain Biking’s best riders make the pilgrimage to a wild stretch of Utah desert in an effort to re-set the boundaries of the impossible.

Over the past 12 editions Red Bull Rampage has produced more “Must See” AND “Oh Sh%T” moments than every other event combined.



Fun facts

Since our first Live 4-hour Broadcast in 2011, the remote venue, finicky weather, and high-risk nature of the Event have consistently made Rampage a Technological and Logistical challenge.

The Story-telling Techniques we integrate into the Live Show may have evolved significantly, but the Show’s Goals remain the same: Showcase the steepness and ruggedness of the terrain & the Athleticism and Skill of the Riders.

Athlete Story Telling: The Riders of Rampage are really only showcased once a year – meaning that the onus is on us to convey their stories and develop rooting interest in our audience.

The 4 hour duration of the event means that viewers cycle constantly. Updates and recaps are key and accomplishing this without becoming repetitive or monotonous is a skill we’re constantly honing.

Rampage is Red Bull’s most prestigious, most recognizable and most watched Live Broadcast. Our proudest accomplishment might be constantly enhancing the storytelling while also maintaining the integrity and soul of the event.

  • It takes 2 and half days to rig the fiber optic camera cables and set-up the Flypack control Room.
  • The nature of the event means there is no rehearsal – the first time we see the rider’s on their lines is during the Broadcast.
  • In 2014 Lightening struck (literally) 20 meters from our Broadcast Compound.
  • In 2015 a flash flood washed out the access road to the Venue. That same year Cam Zink landed the world’s Biggest 360.
  • The Helicopter carrying the Cineflex Aerial camera has to refuel halfway through the 4 hour Broadcast


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Epic Moments


Extreme Working Environment

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