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We'd all love to have tons of time to plan an upcoming show, but the reality of the World we operate in is that sometimes Production timelines are tighter than we'd all like.

The Madden Ultimate League took 31 days from idea to initial Broadcast and was proof that Adaptability and Experience are more important than long term planning in today's production environment.



Fun facts

With Broadcasts from the Pro Bowl, NFL Draft, Super Bowl, a month-long season in the Studio, AND 4 Episodes for ESPN, this project had us flexing our creative muscles on all fronts. The goal of the show however remained the same as any other live Broadcast we tackle: Give the viewers a reason to care.

The Quality versus Prep Time Ratio was extremely high on this project. With minimal Pre-production we were able to produce good looking programing with high quality story telling.

Working in high profile & high Security locations like the Super Bowl meant that there were a tremendous amount of hoops to jump thru before we could even start to get the shows to Air.

  • Madden Ultimate League Host Rico Williams has pretty impressive Madden Ultimate Team Freestyle Rap skills

  • A bit of behind the scenes late season drama saw Young Drini switching his Esport Team affiliation the week the Finials. Cue the Dramatic music and alert the Features Team.

  • We had Madden Announcer RG voice the ESPN show BUT it was the very first time he had ever done VO work. He absolutely killed it.




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Madden influenced Hip Hop Track

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