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Fise World Tour

If the X Games are the Super Bowl of Action Sports – over the past Twenty years FISE has evolved into the regular season proving ground AND the World’s Biggest Action Sports Festival. With 5 stops across the planet, the event born in Montpellier is THE place for BMXers, MTBers, Wake Boarders and a host of other action Sports disciplines to showcase their skills



Fun facts

Over the past 3 seasons our partnerships with our French friends at FISE has evolved from us handling the Broadcast duties for the Edmonton stop to producing the Highlight shows for each of the 5 worldwide stops.

Turnaround times for Highlight shows for each stop of the FISE World Series are tight. Balancing these deadlines, with the quality and creativity that Boombox has become known for was a fulfilling challenge. Edmonton was our first experience with World Wide IP Deliver. Compared to typical Sat Truck delivery it’s easier and allows more flexibility should weather force a change in schedule.

Ryan Nyquist was the only athlete to compete in both BMX & Mountain Bike Slopestyle The French word for Mobile unit is “Car Régie”






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