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FIA GRAN TURISMO World Championships

Esport has officially reached a tipping point when virtual racing becomes even more exciting than its real life equivalent. The Gran Turismo World Championship features a bigger variety of Tracks and Cars than would ever be possible out of the game and that translates into more passing and more compelling onscreen action.



Fun facts

Gran Turismo’s debut in the world of Esport meant we were granted a blank creative canvas. With events in Salzburg, Madrid, Las Vegas and Monaco – each in their own unique venues, the end result was a series of Broadcasts that blended traditional racing aesthetics with new school Esport cool

One of the most impressive accomplishments of the Broadcasts is maybe also the least obvious. Coordinating and Producing up to 17 alternate Language Commentator teams per stop, was a significant undertaking. The results may not be immediately obvious on screen – but it definitely drove viewership.

The Timeline for the series was aggressive and dictated the ability to simultaneously execute a Program onsite – while also preparing for the following stop.

Region Specific Commentator Teams for each stop meant that our Production Team’s ability to quickly bond with on screen Talent and elicit their best performances became a key factor to success.

  • The audience for the Madrid race was the most energetic Esports crowd we’ve ever seen!

  • With 8th to Brazilian Driver Igor Fraga came back from 10th place to win the FIA GRAN TURISMO World Championships.




Different Language Streams



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