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Clash Royale King's Cup

It doesn’t get much more new school than an addicting mobile game morphing into a World Wide competitive phenomenon. Working with our new friends at Youtube we produced a Broadcast that proved that eSport matches the level of competition, quality, and viewer numbers of pretty much any Sport out there.



Fun facts

Anytime a game is as enjoyable as Clash one of the main challenges is to combine fun and whimsy with a competitive environment where significant sums of prize money was at stake (without getting overly serious.)

Another key goal was to integrate an impressive stable of Clash Royale Youtube personalities into an Open Format Tournament that started with 250 much lesser known – but very highly skilled - players.

The Finals Broadcast had over 3 million viewers (The Teaser alone racked up over a million Youtube views!!!) Making it the most viewed Clash Royale Tournament to date.

Successfully showcased both Youtube personalities and the Competitive Players – by blending the “well known” with the “virtual unknown.” The final product was a unique blend of eSports and entertainment that resonated with the endemic audeince.

  • With no viable PC client for Clash, Game Capture was done via a Google Pixel.
  • Our Technical Director Jay- Z is a level 10 Clash Royale player.
  • We had a live onsite Voice of God for our Player intros for Finals – which was both super fun and surprisingly impactful.
  • Youtubers like Clash with Ash and Molt are capable of doing a pretty good cover of the Clash Royale Theme song.


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